Top 5 Board Games To Nurture Your Brainpower

Top 5 Board Games To Nurture Your Brainpower

It might come as a surprise for most people, but the generally accepted idea of separating learning or work from pleasure is not the most efficient way to boost performance. Even though learning and fun are often defined as completely opposite processes that shouldn’t be mixed together, the recent studies prove quite the contrary – board game enthusiasts show better results than their non-playing peers.

Let’s face it: acquiring knowledge in a traditional way is reasonable. However, it’s also true that learning through play is a straight path to gaining some valuable insight in an efficient and delightful manner. Not only will you be able to approach learning through a more engaging activity, but also boost your strategic thinking and exercise problem-solving skills.

How Strategy Board Games Improve Strategic Thinking

Are you aware that playing board games can unleash your out-of-the-box thinking? This is one of the reasons why there is a considerable hype about strategy board games.

By nature, games are designed to make your ordinary daily routine extraordinary. Indeed, playing games with your family and friends is all about having tons of fun and adding some value to your gatherings. Most games are best enjoyed with a larger group of people, which means that they can enhance teamwork and strengthen the bonds. They also make a great icebreaker and bridge the gap between the players by making everyone engaged from the first minutes of gameplay.

Playing to learn is yet another compelling reason why board games are extremely popular today. We often find it challenging to complete a task or create a problem-solving solution, and that’s an area where strategy games might come in handy. As its name suggests, this kind of games offers a clinch to exercise your strategic thinking while chilling out.

If you are looking for some exciting board games that will get your brain working, do not hesitate to embrace your brainpower with our favorite picks. Check out our top 5 strategy games for your intellectual mindset!

And do not pretend to have an ordinary thinking capacity, we know you can bring much more to the table!



Play like a genius, become a landowner and win like a billionaire. Often defined as a simulation game, it offers some precious knowledge that can be applied in your everyday setting. The goal of the game is to use your money in the most efficient and smart way possible. Invest finances into the property, build the most powerful monopoly, and enjoy the returns. Get prepared to gain a deep understanding of business management and marketing strategies in an entertaining way.

It’s not a game of pure chance. Although you need to roll the dice to see which space you are going to land on, Monopoly also requires strategic thinking to increase your chances of winning. Put your strategic thinking into practice, while increasing your income by developing the property that you own. In Monopoly, you will get to experience how different markets rely on location and other important aspects to attract more customers. Besides that, its engaging nature makes it a perfect game for family gatherings.



Another business-powered, and yet very educational game is Acquire. One of the greatest things about this game is that anyone can intellectually benefit from it, no matter if you are an entrepreneur or a student. Even though it was developed five decades ago, to this day, it still appears in the top list of most incredible strategy games of all times.

In Acquire, the players take on the role of stock investors, and using critical and logical thinking, try to enhance their stock portfolio. You will need to come up with a smart strategy to get the most of your trading experience in a game setting. As you can guess, the point of the game is to become the wealthiest investor. Being very easy to play, it offers you a deep understanding of how the investing industry works. Get to test your thinking capacity while having fun!



Catan is a perfect game for those who want to be aware of the surrounding environment and take advantage of analytics. The game offers an engaging theme for your next party or gathering and is sure to be enjoyed with a group of friends. Here’s the plot: you and your friends are seeking adventures on the island, where y’all decided to settle in. The players look for resources and use them to build cities and roads.

The game is priceless when it comes to training your mind. You will need to think thoroughly on how to use the acquired resources to your best. Get your bonus points by increasing your dominance on the island. Sounds like fun, isn’t it?



Who knew that farming can be so engaging? No, this game is not going to teach you about how to do farming, though you will get acquainted with some concepts in the field. In Agricola, the players travel to the middle ages and discover how agriculture worked back then.

At the beginning of the game, you’ve got just one wooden hut, but it all depends on your smart moves whether you will be able to scale up and build your own farm. This game shares similar features with Catan, since you will learn some basics about resource management. Agricola pits the players competing against each other, while thinking a few steps ahead to use only those resources that can eventually make you a winner.

7 Wonders


Sometimes you just want to relax and play a game that yet will keep your brain in shape. You might want to opt for 7 Wonders, which is simple enough to learn the rules in just a few minutes, and complicated enough for training critical thinking.

In this game, you will get to experience what the rise of civilization was like. The players will leverage their creative skills to build a city that ultimately becomes one of the wonders, surviving all the historical challenges and remaining to be an architectural gem till now. 7 Wonders will illuminate you on the strengths and weaknesses of your own, and those of your friends. After evaluating your military power at the end of each stage, you will become aware of those skills that need further improvement and those skills, if used right, that make you a potential winner.

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