Thrilling Horror Board Games That Will Complement Your Collection

Thrilling Horror Board Games That Will Complement Your Collection

Watching movies is not the only great option for spending time with friends for those who love mysticism and horror. There is a huge variety of board games based on a wide diversity of topics. Gathering for board games full of monsters, zombies, and other supernatural creatures is akin to the feeling that you experience when telling scary stories by the fire. And although you won’t be alone during the game, a good horror game will definitely be able to create the right atmosphere of suspense that will be well felt in your circle of friends. The games we are going to talk about today are exactly what you want them to be – gloomy but at the same time rather interactive.

Arkham Horror


Arkham Horror is one of the most famous and respected board games in the horror genre. In 1987, its first edition was released, in 2005 – the second appeared, and in 2018, fans of the game were able to enjoy its third edition. The events of Arkham Horror occur in a provincial American town of the 30s of the last century. Various ancient gods and mythological entities are trying to get there, which means no good to the citizens. All residents panic, so the only hope is that you manage to fight monsters, collect evidence, and seal portals to other dimensions.

The game mechanics is simple: each player receives an explorer’s sheet, where they can see their main characteristics, physical and mental skills, and history. Traveling around the area, players will encounter monsters or become participants in terrible events, and of course, lose points. Therefore, it’s crucial to collect as many useful items as possible, such as weapons, artifacts, and manuscripts. Additional intrigue is added to the game by cards that tell what should happen to your character in the current scene. The feeling of anxiety will not leave you until the end of the game, but still, there’s hope for salvation.


The horror genre simply cannot be imagined without the zombie theme, which is widely represented both in cinema and board games. There are more than enough board games about zombies, so you can practice well in escaping from large invasions of walkers with the help of improvised means and establishing contacts with other people.


For example, this is something without which you cannot survive in the super popular game Zombicide. Here you will need to exterminate as many zombies as possible, which will increase your level of skills. The main survivors are very versatile personalities, but they will need to rally their forces in order to fight together against hordes of zombies. Zombicide will certainly appeal to all action fans because, in the gameplay, you are constantly exploring something, going on missions, and fighting. By the way, the universe of Zombicide has been diversified several times with new locations and settings.

City of Horror

Don’t miss the opportunity to put your survival skills to the test in the City of Horror. Each player controls diverse characters with different abilities who can move to locations and collect items and weapons there. Critical situations will happen very often, and issues such as whether to protect a person who is attacked by a zombie will be decided by voting. But do not think that all your friends are on your side – they can set you up, and vice versa, so you need to do everything to survive.

Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game

You will also lead a double life in Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game, where you will need to fulfill common goals as well as your secret ones. You will take on the responsibility of being the leader of one of the surviving groups. Each leader has their own leadership qualities and special attributes indicated on the card. Threats appear both from the outside and the inside, and all this should be managed while not forgetting about the individual goal.

Mansions of Madness Second Edition


There are really a lot of zombie games, so it’s so easy to get distracted. After all, detective horror games such as Mansions of Madness Second Edition are no less exciting and popular. All players will be investigators infiltrating a mysterious mansion. They will be confronted by the servants of the guardian. There are four scenarios in the base game.

Each player has three goal cards, one of which the guardian player chooses secretly from the others – it will indicate the victory conditions for the players. In order to find out victory conditions in the current game, investigators must first gain access to the goal card, and for this, certain conditions must be met. The essence of the game is for one of the players to fulfill the conditions of the current scenario. Also, all players can lose if no one has achieved their goal.

Trail of Cthulhu

For those who prefer board games about evil spirits, we advise Trail of Cthulhu, where you again will try on a detective’s role or become the host of the game – the guardian. Exploring locations, looking for clues, participating in chases, battles, and disclosing various occult atrocities of people who want to awaken ancient evil – that’s what you will do to repel otherworldly forces that will try to cloud your mind during the game.

King of Tokyo


How about being a monster yourself? And not just a monster but the ruler of Tokyo? Of course, other monsters (your friends) will try to overthrow the king from the pedestal, gaining destruction points. The game is very fast and intense thanks to the element of randomness: the players consistently roll the dice, and the icons on the dice allow them to carry out attacks, heal, and get victory points or energy.

The game ends either when all the rival monsters are destroyed or when someone reaches 20 victory points. It sounds simple, but the game has become so popular that in 2020, King of Tokyo: Dark Edition was released with slightly changed rules.

The horror genre is very diverse in itself, so players can choose the game relying on their favorite theme – it can be survival during the post-apocalypse, confronting evil spirits, vampires, werewolves, and other mythical and folklore forces, and so on. There’s enough space for your imagination to roam, so if you are looking for something to do in your free time and love horror, there’s definitely an exciting board game awaiting you.

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