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General Terms

Welcome to theboardgamelibrary.com! By using our website, you automatically agree to the T&C listed here as well as to our Privacy Policy. These two documents define the relationships between theboardgamelibrary.com and clients who use the current website.

Terms “theboardgamelibrary.com,” “us,” and “we” refer to the website managers who are authorized to represent the company. The company registered at

Na Folimance 2155/15, Vinohrady, 120 00, Prague.

The term “company” is referred to the theboardgamelibrary.com website and The Board Games Library brand.

The term “product” is referred to the products and services that are sold on our website including board games, gamebooks, cardgames, arcade games and other goods sold via the website.

Terms of Trading

All the trading that may happen between the parties (client and us) is not subject to any fees or financial compensation.

We take responsibility to ensure that the products that we ship to you will arrive in a condition we agreed upon.

In case if the pieces of the product (the ones that have to be present according to the contract) are missing upon arrival to the customer, the responsibility lies upon the company.

Order and Payments

To make an order in our webshop, you need to add a product(s) to the shopping cart and then confirm your choice. In a reasonable period of time (normally it take several minutes or even less) you will receive a confirmation email that will feature all the required specifications of your order including:

  • A unique number of your order which will help us track and identify your order;
  • Every separate product in your order will be specified: name, quantity, price, tax fee (if needed);
  • Shipping price (if needed);
  • The cumulative cost of all products and services.

This is a standard procedure that is pretty similar for all e-commerce websites that will allow to process your order legally. In order to make purchases via theboardgamelibrary.com, you need to be at least 16 years old. Also, we ask you to double-check your personal data that should be specified in the product order form in order to avoid any issues with delivery.

For the convenience of our clients, theboardgamelibrary.com provides a number of various payment methods including Wire Transfer, Paypal and Credit Cards. Also, you need to acknowledge that some additional costs may occur due to specific local customs fees. We recommend you contact your local customs authority for more information before making an order to avoid any unexpected fees.

You also need to acknowledge that some of the products that are listed in the website products catalog may not be temporarily available in stock. If, by chance, we’ve already placed your order and appeared to be incapable of performing it due to the lack of product, we will inform you about this via email. If your payment has already been processed, we will make a refund in the shortest possible period of time.

If the client is not satisfied with terms of delivery, the quality or condition of the product, the client may address a complaint to The Board Games Library. The complaint should be sent not later than in 7 business days after the product was delivered.

Website Content, Operation, and Usage

By using the website, you agree to the following rules:

The content of the website is available to all website users. You cannot change this information in any way or interfere with the site without special permission.

We can’t give guarantees considering the accuracy and relevance of the information provided on the website. Moreover, we cannot give any warranty considering the website performance. Any third parties are also not authorized to give such guarantees. The website may feature information that may be inaccurate in one way or another. We are not liable for any errors or inaccuracies.

We do not sell any products or services on behalf of third parties. All the financial relationships are happening directly between theboardgamelibrary.com and the client without any intermediary parties.

We do not bear any responsibility for your use of any information from the website. You are solely responsible for the usage of all products, services, and information that are available on the website.

The website features content that is owned by us or licensed to us. The copyright-protected content includes (but is not limited to) layouts, design, text, graphics, fonts, photos, etc. Unauthorized use of this content is prohibited.

If the rights for the content belong to any third parties, or we do not have any special license for using this content, we will inform you about this on the website.

You need to acknowledge that unauthorized use of the website or content that may be posted there may result in a legal claim made by the copyright holder.

The website may (but is not obliged to) feature links to another website(s). Those links are located on the website for your convenience. For example, to provide you with more detailed information about a certain product or service. We do not endorse or promote any of those website(s), and we are not responsible for their contents either.

We don’t grant you any rights to create links to our website or to utilize our address without our written permission to do so.


From time to time, The Board Games Library offers promotions to our clients. Those promotions will allow clients buying certain products at a lower price. In order to get this opportunity, the client will need to use a special promo code that will allow the client to get a discount for a certain product(s). Note, that some codes are designed especially for clients who meet certain conditions. For instance, they have already made an order on our website in the past, etc. In case if the client doesn’t meet the conditions we defined, we reserve the right to refuse to cut the price according to the promo terms.

The Board Games Library may feature several promotions at a time. It is not allowed to use several promo codes per one order.

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