Summer Hottest Deals: Top 5 Board Games for Travel Lovers Who Stuck Indoors

Summer Hottest Deals: Top 5 Board Games for Travel Lovers Who Stuck Indoors

The whole world has seen a significant shift in recent months. For most people around the globe, lockdown due to pandemic can feel quite oppressive. With no clear denouement of the global story, we can just wonder when the staycation will be over.

Now more than ever, we experience quarantine fatigue, lacking our usual ways of beating the blues. You most likely find it frustrating, don’t you? Having trips postponed till who knows when or even canceled makes your thirst for thrills and relaxation unquenchable. Let alone travel enthusiasts whose wanderlust got stronger than ever. During these uncertain times, we do feel nostalgic for real summer adventures. Some of us end up reminiscing about our trips in the past on social networks, others try to satisfy their deep adventurous needs by watching travel programs. But none of this seems to awake our senses like experiencing new things would do.

“So what are my options?” you might ask.

Well, you may turn on airplane mode and have it all being put on hold – and there is nothing wrong about this. After all, your health comes first. But you could go back to your usual dimensions and fuel your desire to travel in an entirely new safe way. Are you wondering how? Well, when it comes to new experiences, the options of board games are virtually limitless. Educational geography-driven games are certainly a cinch to both fuel your wanderlust and test your geographical knowledge.

You deserve much more than a staycation this year! Make sure you check these top board games explicitly designed for travel lovers. Get ready to immerse yourself in adventures!

Ticket to Ride Series

Miss riding a train? There is no better way to enjoy your cross-country ride this season than playing Ticket to Ride.

With different expansions available, get prepared for a hair-raising train adventure across the globe. Whether it’s a ride through beautiful European cities at the turn of the century, an exotic trip along the Silk Road to the most populous Asian cities with their hustle and bustle, a route through some of the wildest and desolate places in Africa, or an epic journey through some of the most inspiring destinations America has to offer, you certainly will have tons of fun!

The rules can be learned in 5 minutes, but those moments you get to experience while playing Ticket to Ride will last a lifetime. Players race across the map laying the tracks between the two linking cities to earn as many points as possible – the longer your route is, the better. Best enjoyed in smaller groups, this adventurous game is perfect for family game nights during the lockdown.

Ticket to Ride

Around the World in 80 Days

See if you can make your trip around the world before your friends do it first. Inspired by Jules Verne’s world-changing story, this game will let you venture back to the Victorian era while exploring different countries on your route. Players take turns pulling one of the face-up travel cards followed by one extra card. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to stay more in the same city or move on to the next travel destination. In the game, players can travel either by train or boat. For example, you are required to use one boat and train to make your journey from London to Paris; in this case, two train cards won’t work, so you will have no choice but to spend a few more days in the capital and visit the iconic attractions left on your bucket list. The player who completes their trip around the world in the shortest time possible wins.

Monopoly Here & Now: World Edition

What if we told you that owing the world is possible? Literally! Why not get to discover and buy the most incredible places around the world here and now? Our favorite Monopoly is back with its World edition.

The game board features some of the most incredible cities, such as marvelous Madrid, ancient Athens, dynamic New York, and culturally refined Tokyo. Every new stamp in your international passport and recently purchased property will increase your chances of winning. Get ready for your epic travel adventures with the potential to become a global monopolist.

Who Knows Where

If your adventurous family and folks appreciate fast-paced strategy games, then Who Knows Where is undoubtedly not to be missed out! You will get your daily dose of geography in the most unique way ever, we swear! Test your geographical knowledge with over 1000 questions in 5 categories featured in this educational game.

If you can’t guess what landmark, place, or city is depicted on the card, you can pass the torch to someone “who knows where.” And here’s a perfect time for you to risk! When you leave the guessing job to your opponent and eventually they fail, you will be the one traveling backwards. This highly addictive game is easy for curious young players to learn and complex enough to keep their parents engaged.


If you’ve ever visited a marvelous Greek island and thought, “I wonder what it was like during the reign of the Twelve Olympians!” now’s your chance. Set out back millennia to pristine Santorini and build it over again.

In this brilliant game, the players compete against each other, building the island’s majestic whitewashed structures adorned with blue accents. Be prepared to meet Greek gods during gameplay – they will be there for you to assist with building. The point of the game is pretty simple: the first player to finish a three-stories construction wins like a god.

Age-friendly and parent-approved, Santorini will be enjoyed by both kiddos and adults alike, but no game is ever the same, so you won’t get bored any time soon!

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