Some of the Most Expensive Board Games Ever Sold

Some of the Most Expensive Board Games Ever Sold

Hey there! Today, we are going to talk about the most expensive board games that have ever been sold. As you probably know, we live in a new golden age of board gaming. The experts predict another 9% growth of the board game sphere by 2023. Isn’t it the best time to invest in the board gaming business? I’m sure it is!

That’s why in the present blog, we are going to talk about some extraordinary game units that may cost more than a decent yacht or even a jet plane. Some of the games on this list cost up to several million dollars due to the sophisticated decorations like gold and diamonds. And some cost a couple of thousand bucks for being rare and historically significant.

In the present blog, I want to talk about the most peculiar games sold for a round sum of money but not only about the most expensive ones. Otherwise, the list will just feature luxury chess sets, and we will miss some of the interesting board game facts that we all love so much.

18-Carat Gold Monopoly Set ($2 million)

gold monopoly

The Monopoly set that costs 2 million bucks sounds kind of ironic, isn’t it? The set was crafted by the legendary American artist and jeweler Sydney Mobell. The set features 18-carat solid gold, 23-carat gold covering the plate, and a pair of dice covered with 42 diamonds. Apart from this, the set also features numerous rubies and diamonds. However, the most expensive Monopoly is hardly played by anyone because it is currently exhibited in the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Who knows, maybe the night guards in this museum are the only ones who can afford the most luxurious monopoly game in the world.

Backgammon Set ($5 million)

You are probably wondering what a backgammon set has to feature to cost 5 million bucks if the standard set costs about $30? How about 61,082 small diamonds that cover all the playing fields? Yeah, the creator of the game, Charles Hollander, is also a jeweler, and he simply wanted to beat the record set by Sydney Mobell many years before. Well, at least some people say so. Hollander uses diamonds of three colors – white, black, and yellow to create a classic playing field. Also, the set features almost 7 kilograms of pure gold and 150 grams of silver. The jewelry took him more than 10,000 hours to be finished.

Fox And Geese ($18,000)

As you probably know, Fox and Geese is an old English game where the player acts either in the role of the fox trying to hunt the geese or as the geese trying to trap the fox. Did you know that the very early versions of this game were not really balanced? The fox usually had an advantage over the flock of geese. The publisher decided to add some more birds to the flock to make it more balanced in the later versions. One of those early Fox and Geese sets manufactured in 1830 was sold for $18,000 at the auction.

Monopoly Atlantic City ($146,500)


Monopoly is probably the favorite game of all Americans. The very first version of the cult game was invented and designed by Lizzie Magie in 1903. However, this version was still far from what we know as a game of Monopoly these days. Many signature designs and gameplay traits were actually developed by a Magie’s friend Charles Darrow in 1930. Darrow even managed to manufacture 5,000 units of the game but failed to reach commercial success, and in 1935 the idea was picked by the Parker Brothers, who patented the game and made it an instant hit. Darrow’s 1930 version of Monopoly is based on his native Atlantic City and even features some of the recognizable buildings and features of the city.

As you probably can guess, only several units of Darrow’s Monopoly managed to make it to our time, and most of them are partly destroyed by extensive usage and time. One of the well-preserved versions of Darrow’s Monopoly was sold at the auction for a hefty sum of $146,500.

Jewel Royale Chess Set ($9,8 million)


Yeah, it is the most expensive game unit on our list and probably the most expensive chess set ever created by humans. As you can understand from its name, the value of the set is mostly motivated by the value of its components, and the work of the finest English jewelers. The set features gold, platinum, rubies, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and pearls of different colors. Needless to say that the set is weighty, and it will help you protect yourself from the burglars if you happen to have one at the moment. The king figure that weighs about 170 grams and costs more than $100,000 can be easily used as a paper press. Well, probably the most expensive one in the world.

Coromandel Games Compendium ($2,500)


Have you ever owned one of those practical game compendiums that feature all the most popular games in one case? Well, these days, those compendiums are mostly very portable, and you can easily carry one in your backpack or even a pocket.

Back in the mid-19th century, those compendium boxes were frequently made more luxurious than today. Coromandel games compendium is made of coromandel wood and is decorated with different non-luxurious metals and gems. The compendium features such games as chess, checkers, backgammon, dominoes, and playing cards. Actually, this is the only item on our list that seems to be even a little bit underpriced because it looks just great.

So, it was our list of the most expensive and unique game sets that you can bump into surfing through the Internet or visiting eBay. If you enjoyed the list we prepared, you can also look for some reasonably priced games on our website and have fun without overpaying. See you next time!

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