Solo Board Games That Won’t Let You Get Bored

Solo Board Games That Won’t Let You Get Bored

Let’s be honest: not everyone likes noisy environments, and even the most friendly person sometimes wants to be alone. To spend your time in the company with yourself as avidly as with friends and not notice how time passes, we recommend that you make your choice in favor of an exciting board game. You can also turn to board games when you go on a long trip and want to diversify your leisure time with something new besides music, books, or watching movies. You may ask, how can I know that the game will be interesting for me? Well, if you check out our list of games for one person, then you probably won’t have any difficulties with choosing a game. Shall we begin?

Board Games As a Non-Trivial Way to Spend Free Time with Use

Many people are very skeptical about board games as a pastime without friends or colleagues. However, no trace of your doubts will remain as soon as you plunge into the post-apocalyptic world of the Fallout board game. Here, your main goal will be to collect influence points, and during the gameplay, you should not forget about the level of your health and boosting your personal characteristics. There are many adventures on your way, and to win, you will need to pick up allies for yourself to repel the attacks of monsters and mutants together and get as much loot as possible. In general, this game can be played in a company of up to 4 people, but still, in solo mode, you can experience all the difficulties of survival and passing quests relying only on your ingenuity.

Fans of detective stories, along with mysticism, will definitely not be able to tear themselves away from the gloomy and atmospheric game Mythos Tales. Events take place in the city of Arkham, and you play the role of a detective in it. At the beginning of the game, you will receive a letter from the keeper of the library, who hopes for your assistance in solving the terrible murders to which supernatural forces had a hand. You can get additional information about the atrocities that happened from witnesses, and after completing quests and collecting the required number of points, you will get closer to the solution and find the killer!


When the creator of Friday (Freitag) was thinking about what to do on Friday evening, he managed to create an excellent adventure game. The main characters are the well-known Robinson Crusoe and his friend Friday. The Friday board game will help you get away from your problems and deal with the escape of Robinson Crusoe and Friday from a desert island. You will face all the challenges of surviving alone because each drawn card can turn into a skill for you or take a life token from you. But remember that you are resisting all these misadventures and going through difficulties throughout the game for a reason – you need to prepare as much as possible for the final battle with the pirates to get control of the ship and finally return to civilization!

This game remained at the top for a long time in the 2000s, and in 2016, it returned as an updated version. Your goal in Agricola is to expand your farm, which will not be easy to achieve because you play as a family of two at the beginning of the journey. But gradually, sowing fields, harvesting, and trading, you will have resources that you should properly dispose of. You will need to apply your strategic skills so that you do not have to beg on the streets at some point. The new version of the game consists of 120 cards and is designed for 1-4 people.

News about rocket flights into space, the exploration of Mars, and its possible colonization have been on the web for some time. And if we are lucky enough to see this turning point in the history of humanity, then you will definitely not be surprised at such events. After all, if you purchase the On Mars game for yourself, you can learn many interesting details about the process of colonizing the planet. As a crew member, you will embark on a mission to create the first colony on this planet and take part in the construction of new facilities, technology development, cruise in search of resources, and much more. Thus, you will become one of the first people who can contribute to creating something phenomenal!

And finally, as a bonus, we would like to mention a puzzle game for one person, which consists of several elements. Each era had its own illustrious figure or thinker, whose contributions to science and history have changed the way we live today. If you want to figure out what kind of object is directly related to a famous historical figure, pay attention to the Great Minds Set of Five puzzle, presented as a set of objects associated with eminent men (Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Michael Faraday, Johannes Kepler, Robert Stevenson) and women (Cleopatra, Boadicea, Marie Curie, Queen Victoria, and Sister of Mercy Nightingale). After you manage to give the necessary shape to the object, try to give it its original form again.

In Conclusion

Most board games that can be played by one person are also meant for more people. Therefore, having familiarized yourself with the game mechanics, you can always invite your friends to jointly participate in quests or become your opponent in the game. The offer of board games is huge; they differ by genre, duration of gameplay and can be played by both children and adults. By playing board games, you can distract yourself and, at the same time, make your brain think outside the box. Do a little research yourself, and you will definitely find something for your taste!

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