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One Night Ultimate Werewolf


Here comes a new version of the good old game, mostly known as either Mafia or Werewolf. It was designed by Russian psychologist Dmitry Davydov in 1987 and was initially popularized as an experimental game that measured social interaction.


Pretty soon, it reached national fame and, in a few years, became popular outside Russia. In the English-speaking world, it is mostly known as Werewolf.


The game requires players to use their social skills, deduction, cooperation between teams. All players receive cards with roles that are not disclosed until the game is over. In the present game, the players are divided into the team of villagers and the team of werewolves.


Each team and each player (depending on their role) has special features and abilities that they can use to win the game. One Night Ultimate Werewolf is great for big companies and parties. Recommended for children over 14.


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