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Daring Contest?


Do you like to mess around with friends? Here we go with the Daring Contest.
Make any party the jolliest with this card game.


Have an absolute gut-busting blast playing Daring Contest with the best friends today, slithering on the floor, rubbing the judge’s belly, drawing a face on a body part, and making it talk.
The rules are simple: one player becomes the judge and gives 5 cards to each player, the other cards are placed in the center turned upside down.


The referee collects one card with tasks for each player and shuffles the deck. Players perform their tasks and get points. In case of default, the player receives a penalty card. Some cards have a particular sign, which means that any player can join the task and get bonus points. The player who wins 10 rounds is the outright winner.


Complete set:
220 Cards


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