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BANG! High Noon


This expansion to the iconic board game BANG!, which has been a must at every party for many years, is something you totally don’t want to miss out! In addition to the classic plot loved by many, here you have 15 new High Noon cards. They have to be shuffled neatly, and the “High Noon” card should be put at the bottom of the deck.


The Sheriff picks up a card from this deck every round, and all players have to obey what it says until another card is revealed. For instance, the Hangover card makes all players lose their special powers. Meanwhile, the Ghost Town card allows the player to come back to the game after he/she was killed and try to win in the new role.


The game is highly entertaining and suits 4-7 players at once. The more players take part in the game, the funnier it is. Suggested age for playing BANG! High Noon is 10+ years.


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