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12 Days


This card game is extremely easy and quick to play and it brings a lot of pleasure and fun into your party atmosphere. This game has exactly 12 rounds during which players collect presents: good ones they keep for themselves in order to compete for the win in the end, and bad ones they need to try and re-gift to someone. You also need to keep an eye for some bonus scores at the end of the game.


So, in order to start playing, you need to shuffle the cards and deal each player with 12 cards. Then, with each new round, you can pick up a new holiday card each worth from one to twelve points. Each round the player has to pick a card they don’t want and present it to the player on the left. Then players have to open their presents to determine who has the best present. Additionally, players get to buy new Christmas presents.


After twelve rounds have been played, players get points for each holiday card in their hand. Then the summing up of all the points occurs, and the one who has better hand wins!


This game is perfect for your Christmas party with family and friends because you can enjoy it together! It’s suitable for children starting from the age of 6.

Happy holidays!


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