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A Fake Artist Goes to New York


A Fake Artist Goes to New York is an enjoyable and easy-to-play board game! You just need to take 5-10 of your friends to start enjoying the game!

The rules are pretty straightforward. Everyone tries to draw the object that the master wrote on the cards. But! You’re allowed to draw only one line each, not the whole object.

Among all players, there’s a Fake Artist who doesn’t know the topic and tries to draw randomly. When the lines are drawn, all players have to decide who the Fake Artist is. The Fake Artist loses if he gets the most votes; however, he may win if he guesses the name of the picture correctly!

Now you understand how difficult it’s to draw the lines, so the real artists understand you’re also real, and the fake one doesn’t guess the topic! A perfect game for an evening!


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