10 Minute Heist: The Wizard’s Tower


If you are fond of magical worlds and their inhabitants, then 10 Minute Heist is the right option for you. Gather your friends around you for a miraculous adventure that awaits you in the Wizard’s tower. There are lots of interesting and rare items hidden in his rooms that you and your fellow thieves may take away. They allure you with great rewards in the future, but be careful, as some of them may seem cursed and do much damage to you. Before starting the game, build a tower using treasure cards, assuming that the Balcony Tile is the start and the Bridge Tile is the finish. The rules are quite simple, as all you need to do is collect unique items on your way down the tower. Pay attention, it is not allowed to go back to the floors you have already passed. A special bonus is granted to the first two players who managed to escape the tower. In the end, all thieves come together to count their loot, including cursed items and find out who is the king of the thieves.


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