13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis


Are you into strategy games that make your brain burn? Have you ever felt this tension between you and your opponent when any action can lead to irrevocable damage? We suggest you turn back to 1962 and recreate uneasy 13 days from the history of the United States and the Soviet Union when the potential for atomic destruction was quite real. The Soviet Union placed missiles in Cuba and the US was caught in a tough situation. What would you do if you were the President of the USA back then? Would you start an invasion or send bombers to Cuba? Would you try to calm down the Soviet Union and bring the case to the United Nations? Would you possibly spread the crisis and start a world war or not? There is only one way to find it out. Just pick up a friend and start considering your next actions. Be very careful, the Soviet Union is a tricky enemy, which can be easily provoked even by the slightest turn of events.


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