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Château Roquefort


Four brave rodents are ready to enter the old cheese castle, in which the master cheesemaker hid his collection of the most delicious cheeses. The player’s mission is to help their mouse team to assemble it first. How many cheeses will be in the collection – from 4 to 7 – depends on the number of participants.


But the castle is not as simple as it seems: slippery roofs and deep cellars are not for small mice. Only through the pipes in the corner towers of the castle they will get behind the high stone walls where the cheese treasures are hidden.


Turn by turn, the player moves towards the goal in four steps. Each action is one step: climb the tower, go under the roof, move your step to the right or left … or with a flick of the wrist change the castle plan and confuse all the calculations of the rivals who have outlined the paths to the desired pieces!


A pair of mice from the same team, who found the same cheese, take it to their collection.


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