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Animal Upon Animal


Children’s game, the main task of the player in which is to get rid of all the wooden figures of different animals given to them at the beginning of the game.


At the same time, a whole pyramid of wooden animal representatives appears on the table. All players receive the same set of figures. A crocodile is put on the table, and the game begins.


Players take their turns. If it’s their turn, the player rolls a dice, the falling edge of which determines what they should do: put any figure to the pyramid; put two figures; put the figure so that it touches the nose or tail of the crocodile; you can also transfer one of their figure to any opponent so that they immediately put it on the pyramid; or maybe you will have to put the figure chosen by the rivals on the pyramid.


In this case, the pyramid mustn’t fall, otherwise, the culprit takes all the fallen animal figures to their set. The game ends when one of the players ends up getting rid of all of their figures.


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