This table game will be perfect for all who love the classic American gangster movies and novels, because Bootleggers is all about the unique gangster vibe of the Prohibition era. Bootleggers would require some luck, some strategy, some economic skills and even some social skills since you can make alliances with other players.

The game is played by 3-6 players and the round may last up to 3 hours. However, the more players are involved, the more exciting the game will be, so don’t forget to invite more friends. Every player will get his own army of well-armed gangsters who will do the dirty work. And, of course, everyone gets trucks that will allow you to transport the moonshine. But be careful, the more moonshine you produce, the bigger chance you have to be busted! And don’t forget to set guards near speakeasies, your rivals are already making insidious plans on how to take control over your business.


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