Shipping policy

1.International Delivery

Our main headquarters are located on the territory of the European Union, and we ship our games worldwide. In case if you can not find your country in the shipping list, or you have any issues with the shipment, feel free to contact our client support, so that we can tackle the problem or find some flexible solution for you. It’s very important for us to deliver our products to everyone who is passionate about board games!

2. Product Quality Assurance

Our principal policy is to deliver our high-quality goods at a reasonable price and on time. The satisfaction of our clients is our undoubtful priority, and we always want to keep up with the highest standards. In order to avoid misunderstanding, we are doing our best to give the most detailed description of the games that are sold via our website. We kindly ask you to make sure that you have chosen the exact game you were looking for, and you have studied the components that are included in the game set to avoid any misunderstanding. So if you have any additional questions considering any of our products, feel free to contact our customer support, who will gladly give you all the detailed information.

3. Copyright Protection

We respect the intellectual rights that belong to other companies and persons. If you have any reasonable doubts or concerns considering any content that is located on our website, you can inform our representatives about this issue.

4. Customs Taxes and Unpredicted Expenses

Since we are doing our best to deliver our products to our clients worldwide, a product may be subjected to some taxes that are hard or even impossible to predict by the company executives responsible for shipping our goods. Therefore we want to acknowledge that the company is not responsible for any of those additional costs that may arise as a consequence of internal taxation lays and procedures. In order to avoid such uncertainties, we recommend you contact your local customs authorities for consultation on this issue. In some legislation, you also may be deemed as an importer of goods. We recommend you to make sure that the goods you are about to receive do not contradict any of the laws of the current legislation of the territory you are currently staying. You must acknowledge that the products that we are sending to you may be inspected at the customs office by the local customs authorities, which may result in confiscation without any prior notice sent to you.

5. Indemnification

In case if the company does not fulfill its obligations as a result of a breach of Terms and Conditions by you, this condition will be deemed as a waiver.

6. Shipping by Third Parties

The usual estimated time for delivery is 7 business days. You need to acknowledge that the shipping of goods is not performed by the company either by the companies subcontractors that are tied to the company by some kind of legal agreement except for the current legislation. Therefore, the company is not responsible for any product or package damage that can be caused by shipping company errors. We are also not responsible for the complete loss of any delay in the shipment procedure for the same reasons specified in this paragraph above. Also, we recommend you to double-check the shipping address you are indicating in the shipping form to make sure that the parcel will not be directed to the wrong recipient.


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