Refund Policy

1. Key Points

A refund can be made only in case the company fails to perform one or more of the obligations that we have taken. We are very serious about satisfying our clients and, if needed, we can provide our clients with any details concerning our games and products in order to avoid any kind of misunderstanding between the parties. Also, we advise you to learn the product specifications that are indicated on our website carefully before making a purchase to make sure that the product satisfies all your needs and lives up to your expectations.

2. Reasonable Grounds for a Refund

However, there is a number of conditions when you can order a refund. The list of those conditions includes (but is not limited to):

  1. If the product has arrived late through the company’s fault, you can order a refund. According to our shipping terms, we have 7 business days to deliver the product to the competent authority, which will ship the product to the client. As soon as the product is registered for shipping, you will receive an email that confirms that your order is on the way. We can also specify the estimated delivery time. However, this data won’t have any legal power as a reason for a claim. All the delays that occur because of the shipping company, customs offices or any third parties involved in the transportation of your order can’t be a reasonable ground for a refund.
  2. In case if the product arrived in an unsatisfactory condition, you may ask to replace it or you may also ask for a refund. In this case, you need to take photos of a damaged product and send them to us via email. You need to send photos as soon as possible and not later than within 7 business after the product has arrived.
  3. The refund is possible if the product that arrived lacks some of the details that must be included in the set, or some of the details arrived in the unsatisfactory condition, or you have received the wrong product. In this case, you need to take photos of the product and send us an email with your inquiry. The corresponding email has to be sent not later than in 7 business days after the product has arrived to the customer’s address.

3. Indemnification

The company reserves the right to dismiss refund claims for a number of reasons that include (but are not limited to):

  1. If the client has breached any of the terms and conditions specified by the company, the company may dismiss the refund claims.
  2. If the client has supplied us with the wrong delivery address or indicated any other information in our purchase form incorrectly, we may dismiss all the refund claims at our sole discretion.
  3. In case if the product wasn’t delivered on time or in a proper condition due to the fault of any third parties other than the delivery service that we applied to (you local customs service, any other customs authorities, etc.), we may dismiss your refund claims.
  4. In case if the product wasn’t delivered on time or in a proper condition due to the fault of any force majeure circumstances, wars, acts of God, we can consider those circumstances as a ground for dismissal of your refund claims.

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