Product conditions

New – The game is completely new, and the box is wrapped in original packaging. If the wrapping or the box has any minor damages like a damaged corner or a slightly torn wrapping, this information will be specified in the description.

Almost New – The game was opened and was played several times. However, it was stored in excellent conditions, and none of the game elements look damaged or worn.

Very Good – The game was played before but there are no damages that can be called either “striking” or “essential.” The minor damages can be detected only after a detailed examination. The box may have some minor signs of wear. In any case, the game is 100% playable, and its condition does not affect the actual gaming process.

Good – The game may have noticeable traits of use but they do not influence the gameplay. Some of the non-essential elements like spare tokens or figures may be missing. Also, this may be an almost-new game with all elements present but with some distinctive box damages. In any case, a detailed list of flows will be added to the description.

Satisfactory – Some essential components may be missing and, still, can be replaced which does not influence the gameplay dramatically. The elements may feature visible signs of wear, the box may feature heavy signs of wear and signs of continued use.

Poor – Some of the essential and hard-to-replace elements may be missing. The game and the box may feature the traces of the extensive use, the cards may be torn or spoiled by water. Most likely, the box is in poor condition. In any case, all the damages will be specified in the game description.

Some Common Flaws:

Here are some of the most wide-spread condition flaws the are to be found in pre-used games. Even though most of them are easy to understand, let’s have a more detailed description to make it 100% clear.

Box Missing – when the product is meant to be boxed but it is not, it will receive this mark. In some cases, the product is not meant to have one.

Wearout – This denotation marks the games with significant signs of wearout. In many cases, they are caused by extensive use during a long period of time. The boards and cards may have noticeable scratches while the boxes may feature cardboard deterioration, the corners and edges feature signs of whitening. As it was mentioned above, this is mostly a sign that is related to the long-term use of the game.

Dented Corner – Since corners of the boxes are frequently the first to be damaged, we always leave this note to inform you about this. We will note what corners are damaged and how severe the damage is.

Torn Corner – Quite frequently, the corner of the used box can be completely torn. Just like in the case with the dented corner, we will specify the details if such damages are present.

Tape on the Corner – It is a regular thing when previous owners put a tape on the torn-up corners of their games. If we’re selling the game with taped corners or edges, we will let you know in the product description.

Sticker on the Box – Game boxes may feature stickers as well. Sometimes it may be a price tag that is not easy to remove without damaging the surface of the box. It may also be a sticker that identifies the owner or just a decoration. If one or more are present, and they are obviously not easy to remove, we will specify that.

Box Heavily Damaged – Sometimes, the boxes are poorly stored or they are so old that they are almost incapable of performing their functions. In case if the box is almost ruined, we will inform you.

Box Indented – if stored incorrectly, the box can be bulged-in. Especially if heavy objects were placed on top of it. This condition will also be specified in product details.


Most of the games that are present in our online store are featuring all the needed components, and they are in a fine and playable condition. Still, sometimes we may sell some games that are missing details. In cases like this, we always specify this in the details. However, sometimes we can miss that some parts are not there. If the game that should be complete arrives, and you find out that some of the details are missing, you need to let us know via email. In such cases, we will be responsible for such an omission.

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