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1. Key Points

Welcome to! The current policy describes terms and conditions that will be applied to your personal information that we collect at this site. It also defines relationships between the parties (“client” and “company”) and the obligations that the parties may take. We recommend reading the following information before entrusting us with any of your personal data. You need to acknowledge that all the users of the current website automatically accept the policies set out here. We’re also informing you that any of the present rules and policies can be changed on the website’s management sole initiative. However, changes do not have retroactive consequences and will only concern the relationships between parties that will take place after the changes are published. We recommend you to review this policy when you are visiting a website to be aware of all the rules that are applied to you and your personal information.

Note: the current policies are applied only within the pages of the current website and are not applied to other websites even if you get there via links located on If you do not agree with any of the following points, ideas, terms or rules set out in the present Terms and Conditions or on the website, we recommend not to use the website.

2. Collection of Information

Such personal information like user name and surname, address, email, etc. are collected only when users send it to us voluntarily. All this data is used only for processing your request, the one like an application for the purchase of goods. We will not use it for other purposes (for instance, adding you to our mailing list) unless you give us your permission. We may also collect and store any information that you provide to us in order to improve our work and to resolve disputes that may arise due to our relationships. By this, we mean the relationships between the customer and the company that provides services and products. This information may include (but is not limited to): email addresses, telephone numbers, any correspondence that may occur between the parties, photo and video content that may be sent to us by a customer as a proof of a claim, any personal data you have provided in the purchase form, etc.

3. Cookie and Tracking Policy

The website may use cookies and tracking technology in order to understand the user experience and behavior when they are on the website. We make it solely for improving our performance, website usability, and services that we provide to our clients. Cookies are small files that may be stored in your cache memory storage. They are absolutely safe for your device which you use for visiting and making purchases on our website. We apply those technologies primarily to improve the services we provide. Cookies do not collect any personal information that was listed above. Still, in case if we already own your personal information you provided to us previously at your sole discretion, we can tie your personal data to the data collected via cookies. The data collected with cookies and tracking technologies may be shared with authorized third parties. However, If you do not agree to cookies terms, you can switch them off or customize their settings in the menu of your browser.

4. Providing Information to Third Parties

We reserve the right to share some of the information with third parties in order to prevent or investigate fraudulent activities that may take place. The list of parties with which the information may be shared includes: (a) law authorities according to the current legislation; (b) the parties competent of protection against unauthorized activities, fraud or illegal transactions; (c) the parties that may assist us in investigation if any illegal activities that had already taken place. None of the data may be provided to third parties for marketing benefits. Also, we may provide some of your personal data to the shipment companies who will deliver your order to the address you indicated in the purchase form. Make sure that the address is correct so the products you order will be delivered correctly and on time.

5. Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make any changes to the current privacy policy at our sole discretion and without any prior notice. These changes may concern any part of the policies that are posted on this website. We may (but are not obliged to) inform you about those changes via email if we consider them sufficient. It is your sole responsibility to check the terms for changes from time to time. None of those changes will have any retroactive consequences which means that all the actions that you perform on our website are always interpreted from the point of the privacy policy, which was in power when the actions were performed.

6. Spam

We do not send any spam, and we do not endorse any other third parties to send it. Also, we condemn any spam activities that can be performed by other commercial brands. All of our marketing initiatives are exclusively legal and transparent. If you are receiving our mailing and you don’t want to receive it anymore, you can always unsubscribe from it, and we will stop sending you emails unless you decide to subscribe to our mailing again.

7. Data Security

We apply all the needed measures to secure your personal data. Only authorized personnel has access to your personal data. The list of authorized personnel includes our employees and contractors (who have signed a non-disclosure agreement). All of the data that you provide to us is carefully stored in the encrypted form to make sure that no third parties can gain access to any unit or piece of the information you have provided to us.

Contact Us For More Information

If you have any specific questions concerning our privacy policy, you can send us them via email, and we will gladly give you more details about our policies.

Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

The current Privacy Policy may be changed anytime and on our sole discretion. All the amendments and additions will be posted here.

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