List of Board Games That Look Awkward Nowadays

List of Board Games That Look Awkward Nowadays

The second half of the 20th century is frequently called the Golden Age of board games. After the Second World War, board games became extremely popular as a household entertainment number 1. Back in those days, people were screaming for more, and the game designers all over the world couldn’t say “no.” And as we all know, any abundance always comes with some shortcomings. This rule can be easily applied to the world of board gaming – the demand was so high that the developers picked even the riskiest and weirdest ideas for new games. That’s basically how most of the strange games on this list were made. So try not to laugh, and let’s start with our list of the strangest board games that were actually produced and sold on the market. Here we go!

Capital Punishment (1981)


Yeah, you haven’t misheard the title and your eyes are not playing tricks on you. This game is really called “Capital punishment,” and the name is not a metaphor. In this game, you are given control over 4 felons, and your major objective is to keep them away from the “Pass of Justice.” Because if you do this, they will get out of prison and commit more crimes. Well, the game designers don’t believe in second chances. So the main objective of the player is to keep all the 4 felons in prison – on the Death Row, sent to the Electric Chair or imprisoned for life. The player who manages to send all the felons to life or the death penalty will win.

 Let’s Be Safe (1986)

There are many cool educational board games that are designed for children and family leisure that actually work. However, there are some games that look more like a failed experiment. One of the most awkward games of this kind is 1986 Let’s Be Safe. In this game, you have to make your way back home as a kid, avoiding different dangers that will be waiting for you around every corner. The kid will encounter a number of strangers who will want to kidnap them, and the kid has to make the right decisions not to get into trouble. The game was designed for families and elementary school students, and we are sure that playing a board game about child molesters with family should be super awkward.

Vanilla Ice Electronic Rap Game (1991)


Actually, 1991 was big for a one-hit-wonder rapper Vanilla Ice. This year the trashy “Cool as Ice” movie starring Vanilla Ice in the lead role was released. No one actually wanted this piece of cinematographic pimp work, and only a board game in which you have to perform Vanilla Ice songs seemed more awkward than the movie in which he starred. The game set features a microphone speaker that produces bits and a playing field that features Vanilla Ice songs. The beatbox microphone has a terrible sound that is hard to tolerate for more than a couple of minutes. Basically, that’s all it is good for.

What Shall I Be: The Exciting Games of Career Girls (1966)

Let’s face it – even in 1966, this game was already sexist as hell! As you probably understand from the name and packaging, the game designers offer girls a limited number of professions that they are supposedly good at. The girls can choose between a total of 6 professions – a teacher, a nurse, a ballet dancer, an airline hostess, a model or an actress.

Every profession requires a player to possess a certain skill set, which has nothing to do with real skills. One more great example of a semi-educational game that will make us all blush now.

Trump: The Board Game (1989)


When you tell Donald Trump that he can’t do everything he wants, he… releases a board game to prove that you are wrong! Actually, the game is really terrible, it is just a highly-trumpatized version of Monopoly, which in the frankest and shameless way glorifies the talents of Mr. Trump. So if you just want to play a simplified version of Monopoly that features Trump everywhere, this is the right game to pick. However, who in the world would look for this kind of entertainment?

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