It’s Time to Get Started with Board Games: a Guide to Board Games for Complete Beginners

It’s Time to Get Started with Board Games: a Guide to Board Games for Complete Beginners

If you associate board games with something outdated, too monotonous, or complex, you urgently need to change your mind. Even in the modern world, it’s not at all necessary to limit your entertainment only to your computer, since playing, for example, board games, you get the same pleasant excitement, communicate with people, and do not let your mind rust. What’s more, you can take this entertainment with you on a trip or out in the bush so that time will pass quickly and funnily. But the reality is that there are a lot of board games, and it won’t be easy to choose one without a tip – you have to start somewhere anyway. Therefore, all board games can be divided into categories, and then, based on your preferences, you can narrow down the list with the most compelling games for yourself. Let’s see how board games can be classified and the features of each of these groups.

Intro to the World of Board Games

To begin with, board games can essentially be divided by player interaction (game format), genre, and thematics.


Let’s start with the relationships between the players in the game. According to this criterion, there are mainly competitive, team, cooperative, and “one against all” types of board games. There’s only one winner in competitive titles, so everyone thinks for themselves, and their goal is to beat everyone in the game. In games where players are divided into teams, usually, everyone has some skill or quality that makes them an important part of the team’s victory. In a cooperative scenario, absolutely all players must act together and beat the game itself. The “one against all” game mode is an excellent option for people who like the gameplay idea when there is a villain in the game, and the rest need to figure them out not to lose.

Now let’s talk about game genres (at least, in general terms). Genre determines what the meaning of the game is, how it goes, and what it teaches. One of the popular genres of board games is a strategy where you need to practice or learn tactical skills because you usually need to think over your next steps thoroughly. We won’t go into details, but strategy games can be divided into Euro and American games, and there’s also a mixed type. Popular strategy games include Agricola, Clue, Pandemic, Gloomhaven, etc.

Nothing helps to have fun and feel cozy with loved ones like family board games. Often, these games can be played by adults and children, or each separately, and their examples include, among others, Monopoly, Spot It!, Jenga, etc. By the way, the significant age difference between the players is not very acute here. It’s just that when choosing a family board game, you need to pay attention to the age indicated by the manufacturer so that everyone who gathered would be interested in taking part in the gaming process.

Filler games are also very popular – these are board games that take up little time and space and are distinguished by short and straightforward rules. For example, Explosive Kittens, Spyfall, Uno, etc. It’s impossible not to mention war board games, which are so appreciated for the presence of figurines of soldiers and equipment (war titles are no less engaging without them) and require the player to think strategically. Such games include Warhammer, Mare Nostrum: Empires, Sekigahara, etc.

No doubts, you will pleasantly surprise your friends if you bring a board party game to the celebration. Usually, such games are designed for a large number of people, they are not at all complicated, but at the same time, they certainly will make anyone excited and smile broadly. For example, feel free to purchase titles such as Monikers, Taboo, Just One, Apples to Apples – they’ll come in handy at any time.

Logic games also find their adherents to this day, but such games will make you think hard. This category includes puzzles, quests, as well as good old games like dominoes, chess, checkers, etc. These titles contribute to the development of ingenuity, memory, and analysis of information.

When it comes to board game themes, they can be very diverse since board game creators often draw their inspiration from other industries, such as cinema, literature, and so on. Economic, military, adventure, logical, creative, historical, fantasy, horror, humor, sports – this list goes on and on; in fact, almost all kinds of topics can be found in stores nowadays.

Depending on whom and for what purpose and budget the board game is intended for, you can easily choose the appropriate game. On the network, you can familiarize yourself with the tops of games according to your preferences and begin to explore the world of entertaining and educational board games personally – and we’re sure you will like it!

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