Fantastic Road Trip Games for Adults and Children

Fantastic Road Trip Games for Adults and Children

We all love traveling and can’t wait to hit the road. Some trips may take much time and require your patience. We know one good activity that will make your trip merrier, and you won’t even notice how fast you get to the destination point. Playing board games is a fun way to spend time while traveling on a bus, on the plane, or in the car. This sounds like a great idea, especially if you travel with children. If adults can cope with the boredom somehow, children may turn the trip into your worst nightmare. So you’d rather pack some board games next time you go on a trip!

Why Play Board Games on the Trip?

Playing board games on the trip has tons of other advantages except for helping to make time go faster. They can develop your memory, boost creativity, and generate lots of positive vibes. In addition, such a kind of entertainment grasps the attention of everyone willing to play.

Board games are a good way of bonding that helps to improve the relationship between travel buddies. With certainty, we can claim that you would have hours of giggling and joking during the play. So instead of pointlessly surfing the internet and social media, you will keep your mind occupied with something more active and pleasant. You will start to notice lots of interesting things around you, for example, beautiful landscapes out of your window. You would have never paid attention to that if you were staring at your smartphone or tablet.

Top 5 Road Trip Games

As we have found out the use of board games during the long road trips, it’s high time to look through some of the most hilarious and fantastic examples. These board games can be easily transported and played practically everywhere, even at home.

Travel Bingo


It’s such a popular game that practically everyone has played it at least once. Actually, everybody knows the rules, so you don’t have to explain them over and over again. The travel edition of bingo requires everybody to have a pen and bingo cards. The game is exactly the same as the classic one, but your goal is to check off items as you see them in the surroundings until all items are checked in one same row of the card. Only then you can scream as loud as you can the word “BINGO.”



Another iconic board game UNO is a perfect idea for a long ride. Many children and adults from all over the world enjoy playing this highly engaging game. The new edition with customizable wild cards brings twice more fun and thrill! With UNO, no trip will be long enough for you. Besides all this, the game will be tremendously useful for young children, helping them develop creativity and logical thinking. No more talking. UNO sells itself!


This is an intriguing and mind-blowing game that will bring you lots of laughing during the road trip. The spy-themed game is aimed at identifying spies with the help of their codenames and some clues. Both adults and children will be fascinated with the plot and gameplay.

Heads Up

This game has become widely popular thanks to Ellen’s game show. The rules are simple. Players have got words stuck to their heads so that they can’t see what is written there. Their task is to guess the words listening to the clues from their teammates. However, these clues can be given in sounds only. That’s why this game is so much fun!


The newly released travel game Coup features an intricate storyline, where you have to manage an Italian city-state and beat your competitors. Gain influence and clouts with the help of manipulation, bluff, and bribe to rise to power. What an awesome and fun game, isn’t it? Add to the travel package immediately!


Exploding Kittens

As it can be easily guessed from the name, Exploding Kittens is all about cats and explosions. Here you have a deck of cards that must be faced down. Every player draws a card until the ‘Exploding Kitten’ card appears. The less fortunate player explodes and leaves the game. Basically, the principle of the game reminds us UNO game, but a much funnier version, with magical enchiladas, goats, and dangerous kittens.

Spot It

Children will definitely adore Spot It because it’s easy, colorful, and fun. Here you have a deck of round cards that come in a portable metal tin. Two cards are placed on the table, and players need to name a picture or symbol that the cards have in common. The player, who will find more symbols on the cards, wins the game. Such an exciting and active game will keep children totally grasped by the storyline for at least an hour.

Unstable Unicorns

unstable unicorns

It may seem an amusing and bright game at first sight, but you will definitely change your mind when you start playing it. Everything is real here. Bloody battles, short-term partnerships, beautiful marriages, and many other things. Unicorns will become your best friends, but you need to be aware that any of twenty magical unicorns can be snatched by another player. The game is mostly played by adults; however, teenagers of 14+ years may also enjoy Unstable Unicorns.

The Great Dalmuti

The medieval-style game makes you think quickly and create efficient strategies in order to win. Your goal here is to empty your hands faster than other players. The sequence of turns and subsequent rounds of play go one by one, so players need to be focused on the game flow and apply all skills and tricks. Loads of fun is guaranteed as the theme of the game and the rules are really creative. Enjoy!


Catan Studios Traveler Game

Catan Studios Traveler Game is the best family game ever that can be played on the go. Regardless of the place, you can enjoy this board game practically anywhere, including a train, plane, and car. The game can be played with a small number of players (at least two). Besides, the game’s design is thoroughly planned, as all the pieces of the game lock into certain places on the board, while cards are stored in the individual trays. Catan doesn’t cost that much, making it a perfect game option for a road trip.

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