Fabulous Board Games For Kids And Their Parents

Fabulous Board Games For Kids And Their Parents

When it comes to age-friendly indoor activities, what can be more exciting and fun than a fantastic family game night? OK, movie nights work as well, but you can’t deny the board games’ educational and developing benefits. In fact, gameplay goes far beyond entertainment. Most board games have been found to enhance your problem-solving and decision-making skills, strategic thinking, and social interaction in a fun way, which can benefit the young players. And yet we still get incredibly excited about family game nights whenever ice-cold days are around the corner. Indeed, things are more likely to get a bit complicated for adults responsible for planning it all. Bang! 

However, it doesn’t mean that you got to sacrifice your precious time and energy to find that perfect indoor activity for family night. The Board Game Library has done thorough research for you and is eager to share the game favorites that are sure to take your family gaming experience to a whole new level. Much positive feedback by satisfied gamers speaks for itself, especially if our expertise in the field approves it.

We did our best to include games that fall into different categories to make sure that you can choose the best option for your family. Let’s deep-dive into the list of our favorite picks and discover what the gaming world has to offer.



Our list starts with the world-class family favorite – Monopoly. We bet you were totally obsessed with this addictive game in your childhood! Remember getting those thrills of racing along the board to become the wealthiest property owner? Well, now is the perfect time to get your kids to experience the ups and downs of monopoly-powered adventures. 

The rules are pretty simple, so it will take young players just several rounds to see how the game works. Roll the dice, buy the property, build your monopoly, bankrupt your opponents, and win it all! The game will help young players hone their financial-management skills and forward-thinking, since they will need to manage their money in order to be able to pay the rent. Be ready that your kid will start playing like a pro in no time.



Oh, Qwirkle! You just want to play this game over and over again, and your children are your perfect excuse. This abstract game is massive on both in-game choice and fun! While featuring six different colors and shapes that should be matched, Qwirkle reminds a lot of Dominoes. It requires the players to form complex combinations, thus getting both kids and their parents engaged in challenging entertainment. The rules can be learned in a few minutes, allowing young players and grown-ups alike to boost their strategic thinking and planning skills. We dare to say that you, as a thoughtful parent, will definitely appreciate how this game unlocks the gateway to approaching problem-solving and strategy to make each move count.


There’s a good reason why this game has received a fascinating number of positive reviews: age-friendly and easy-to-play, it keeps children and their parents alike engaged for hours. The game pits the players in a labyrinth full of fun and adventure. Meet the mythical characters, find your objects, and become the first player to return to your starting point. However, the maze will change all the time, requiring you to make smart moves. Designed especially for family-friendly parties, Labyrinth is sure to provide tons of fun for your next family get-together.

Bugs In the Kitchen


There’s a nasty tiny bug in the kitchen, and it’s about to eat all your sweets. Yuk! Don’t let this Hexbug nano ruin it all as it scuttles across the game board. Roll the die and use kitchen tools to get it run along the way straight to the trap. The game rewards you with one token every time you succeed in trapping the bug. The one with the most significant number of tokens wins this adventurous game.

Greedy Granny


Meet our favorite pick for the sneaky ones – Greedy Granny. The name of this game speaks for itself. Dare to swipe yummy treats from the tray as carefully as possible, before Granny wakes up. If you fail to do so, she will send her teeth soaring. As she enjoys her nap, the players take turns spinning the wheel to see which treat to grab. The players won’t help but burst into laughter, especially when they need to hush. After all, you never know when Greedy Granny is going to wake up. Try to become the first one to swipe each of her sweets to win! Good luck!



Expect to laugh out loud as you and your kids get together to find out who is a real talent, and who apparently isn’t. In this hilarious quick-paced game, the guesses can get as funny as the masterpieces themselves. Immerse yourself into the total madness when you start drawing your best interpretation of the clue to the word on the card. More than that, you will get to test your creativity to make your teammates guess what’s depicted on the drawing. 

No matter the age, we guarantee that players of all ages will love this game. What’s more, the worse the players are at drawing, the more exciting the game becomes – meaning that everyone gets a chance to unleash their inner artist without any limits. And the giggles keep coming!



If you are looking for a game that teaches your kid about the significance of strategic thinking, then Sequence is a brilliant choice for your next family game night! This game features easy-to-learn rules, allowing players of all ages to enjoy the gameplay. On their turn, each player plays a card from their hand and puts a token on the board’s related space. Five chips in a row make a Sequence – sounds easy, right? This fantastic game will keep your brain awake, since you will have to create your own strategy to block your opponents. Backed by a smart strategy and a bit of luck, you will get to celebrate your victory!

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