Counterfeit Policy does not allow promoting the sale of or directly selling counterfeit goods on its platform.    


Counterfeit goods are goods that are sold, promoted or distributed using a brand or trademark that is either identical or indistinguishable from a real brand or trademark, without being authorized by the owner. Such goods distributors try to deceive customers by presenting their counterfeit products as authentic. Counterfeit Policy

If you try to sell or promote counterfeit goods using the platform, it will be considered as a violation of our counterfeit policy. Our counterfeit policy expressly forbids the following actions, but is not necessarily limited to these:

  • Attempting to pass non-genuine products off as genuine trademark or branded products.
  • Using a brand name or trademark without the authorization of the owner.
  • Selling or promoting products described as replicas, faux, or imitations.

The trademark policy refers to trademark uses that can be misleading or confusing as for brand affiliation, which is not the same as the promotion or sale of counterfeit goods.

We will examine each report and proceed with the following actions:

  • If we find out that the counterfeit policy has been violated, we will disable access to the products or freeze the account. 

Cases That Are not Considered a Violation of Counterfeit Policy 

  • Information, news, or commentary content about services or goods.
  • Sale or promotion, including resale, of branded genuine goods. 
  • Using trademarked materials in such a way that is misleading, but usually not involving the promotion or sale of counterfeit goods. However, this may still be seen as a violation of our trademark policy. 

Reporting a Counterfeit Policy Violation

If you notice that someone’s post violates our counterfeit policy, please file a report via our support form. If you use the right form and provide all the information as requested, your report will be processed quicker. If the information that you provided is not complete, we will follow up with you to ask for the missing information, which may result in a delay in processing your report. 

If you encounter troubles while using this form, you can update your browser or try switching to another one. 

Consequences of Policy Violation

If we find out you violated the counterfeit policy, your account may be suspended. In some cases, your account may be perpetually suspended after the first review. In case you think your account was disabled by error, you can always send an appeal.

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