Board Games for Seniors as a Good Way to Spend Time in an Interesting and Useful Manner

Board Games for Seniors as a Good Way to Spend Time in an Interesting and Useful Manner

For centuries, board games have enjoyed immense popularity in all corners of the world and among different age groups. Parents use them as a method of developing logic, mindfulness, and multifaceted thinking in children. Adults themselves are not averse to spending an hour or two playing timeless classics – Scrabble, Monopoly, Battleship, or Chess. In addition to the entertainment component, this activity can have a beneficial effect on a person’s physical and mental states. Indeed, board games are known for their healing properties for older people. What games are recommended for retirement-age people and what benefits they hold you can find out in this article.

Board Games Are Not Just “Games”

If you have elderly relatives or close friends, you would probably like to do something nice for them. Of course, the purchase of some necessary things that a person cannot acquire because of their physical or financial capabilities is encouraged. But it is always much more pleasant for a person to receive pleasant emotions and spend time in a company than to receive an inanimate object. With board games, you can do both.

When people reach a certain age and retire, many of them start complaining about being alone. Fortunately, anyone can come to the aid of a person who would not mind passing the time well in the company of peers or younger people. And of course, to make it more useful for everyone to spend time together, you can use board games. It has been scientifically proven that they contribute to the release of hormones of happiness, which undoubtedly improves any person’s well-being and favorably affects the brain’s activity, supports memory in good shape, and enhances attention and reaction.

Then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose the right board game! Of course, nowadays, when choosing one, the number of offers is enormous, and your old man’s or woman’s preferences can be fully satisfied. If you are making such a choice for the first time and are not sure about the game’s theme, get something universal. Let’s start with games that have firmly held leaders’ positions for many decades or even centuries!

It is a well-known fact that the Chess game can improve brain health and mental well-being and help increase IQ after playing regularly. Chess is also considered an excellent activity for people with low attention span who want to develop strategic thinking.

For competitive people who love languages and word games, one of the most popular games in the world was invented – Scrabble. The player needs to puzzle over and go over hundreds of words in their heads, not to blunder and win. It should be noted that the game has different variations and difficulty levels, so you can always choose the option you need.


Do you know what game was found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun? Backgammon, which was invented by the Persians! You can choose from short or long Backgammon versions. This game, the essence of bringing your chips “home” to throw them off the board as quickly as possible, allows you to develop a strategy and rely on chance.

While some games can only be played by older people with adults, there are also game products that can unite people of completely different ages at the table. Families and friends around the world are having a lot of fun playing Jenga. First, you need to build a tower from 54 smooth wooden blocks, three in a row. And then, trying to do this as carefully as possible, you begin to take turns taking out the blocks from the lower floors and fold the upper ones out of them so that the tower does not fall apart.

Among family games, we can also mention Monopoly, which can be played by both adults and children. And what could be more interesting for the latter than owning their funds! One thing is for sure – playing such games in a circle of loved ones is a pleasure.

Seemingly uncomplicated and ordinary, a game called Qwirkle, has every chance of becoming the favorite choice of your loved ones. The game’s primary condition is to lay out a line of different pieces of the same color or pieces of the same shape, painted in different colors. Thus, the line can only be vertical or horizontal. The scoring system is somewhat similar to the Scrabble system – by adding your chip to an extension of an existing line, you get points corresponding to the line’s length. If you make a line of 6 tokens (called qwirkles), you get six extra points. Of course, in this game, everyone can train their logic.

And finally, it is worth mentioning the game that will help you distract and relax. Dixit is suitable for people of all ages and will attract you with its aesthetics from French illustrators. The game’s essence is that the player puts one of the cards face down on the table and accompanies it with some association or story. All other participants find among their pictures those that, in their opinion, most closely match the narrator’s description. Then the cards are mixed and revealed. Now the task of players is to figure out the narrator’s picture. The one who guessed it gets the points. A great game to dream up and laugh with your family!

In Conclusion

Of course, everything is good in moderation. No matter how exciting board games seem, you should always remember to take breaks, and even better, go for a walk after sitting at the table for a long time. We hope you have already chosen a game that will please your parents or grandparents and cheer them up. They may be skeptical about your idea first, but once they start, they will thank you very soon!

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