Board Games for a Romantic Date Night

Board Games for a Romantic Date Night

Whenever you’re tired of going out on a date with your beloved one and want a simple yet romantic date night at home, board games can always help!

However, when choosing a game for a date night, you should avoid family board games – probably, you have had enough of such games at family gatherings! The same can be said about board games for parties – you can enjoy them together with your friends, but when you choose a game to play with your partner, you need to find something that will eventually bring you closer to each other.

But don’t worry, we have collected the best board games for you to choose for a romantic date night. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Table Topics, Couples Edition

This board game will surely bring you entertainment, but it can also connect you both in one single night! The game contains 135 provoking questions, from “What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?” to “What possession of your partner’s would you like to throw away?” that can easily help you bond as a twosome, no matter how long you’ve been dating!

Fog of Love

fog of love

Every couple is sure to adore this game, which comes in versions for male/male, female/female, and male/female.

This is an incredible relationship style role-playing game in which you create a character who falls in love with another character. The two of you start the relationship and face the ups and downs of romance and see if this works out in the end. You’re going to find the solutions to problems and awkwardness between the two of you and have a plausible evening at the same time. Plus, the gameplay has countless possibilities for a replay, so there is no need to worry if the outcome of the game is not plausible for you – just relax and start playing again!


Jaipur is a fun, simple, and quick-to-play game for couples. The players are the merchants who compete to collect the most money. It’s a lightly competitive game that doesn’t require much time to learn the rules or spend on the gameplay. Plus, this game is designed only for two players and cannot be used with more people, so it can easily encourage you to spend some quality time as a couple without any distractions around!


Onitama is another 2-player game that is absolutely perfect for playing on a date – it takes only 2 minutes to learn. Plus, the gameplay lasts up to 10 minutes so that the game won’t take all of your evening, and you will still have time to communicate.

The rules are simple: each player has a goal to master how to guide their monks. The deck has 16 cards, but you’ll use only 5 randomly selected ones during the game.

If you’re looking for a perfect game for a date night, we think Onitama might be the one! You can pick it up at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of your date and put it down whenever you want without it getting in the way of your quality time together.

Do Tell

This game is known as the hilarious game of connection, and it can be a real icebreaker between the couple. Not only will it make your date night fun, but it can also help you to connect on a much deeper level!

The ‘Do’ cards will allow you to show your hidden talents, the ‘Tell’ cards will help you to reveal your thought, the ‘Risk’ cards will start the conversation about challenging subjects, and the ‘Wild’ cards will easily shake things up!

Match Mate

No matter how long you’ve been together as a couple – 2 months or 60 years – this game will let you discover each other over and over again (and often with some hilarious results!)

The Match Mate board game includes 1000 questions. The man starts by secretly answering the question, while the woman tries to match the answers to score the points. Then the roles are switched, and the game continues! Will you and your beloved one agree on many subjects? You’ll have to play to find this out!



Authenticity is the new innovative board game designed to make the relationship between you and your mate more authentic and closer. The game is created to provide all couples who just started dating, engaged, or just got married the opportunity to learn more about their partner in an interactive and fun way.

The game includes seven categories: Life, Situations, Actions, Finance, Family and Sex, Romance, and Religion. To fully benefit from the game, you need to be completely sincere in your answers. The main goal of the game is not winning but learning and connecting as much as possible with your beloved one.

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

This game isn’t as sensual as the previous two options, but it’s an excellent opportunity to have fun if you and your partner love challenging games. The rules are simple and obvious – you and your beloved one are detectives in Victorian London, who must help Sherlock Holmes solve 10 cases. You’re going to use newspapers, a London map, and the interview transcriptions. Each case will take a couple of hours, so this game is perfect for an entire date night with a glass of wine!

Forbidden Island

If you truly want to bond with your partner, you need to try this collaborative board game where you and your partner are on the same team. Instead of competing with each other, you will have to work together to win this game. Your goal is to move around the island and collect the treasures before they sink. So dare to discover the Forbidden Island with your partner and have the best date night ever!

Now that you know how to spend a fun and romantic board game night with your beloved one, it’s time for you to buy the game at The Boardgame Library!

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