Best Board Games for Couples

Best Board Games for Couples

Are you tired of Netflix marathons and night outs? Do you want to spend time with your partner pleasantly and interestingly? Try to play some board games from this list and enjoy tons of fun and relaxation they bring to any couple’s relationship. Married couples need such an easy-going activity in their life in particular, as it helps to spice things up.

What Is the Use of Board Games?

Our life is full of stress, responsibilities, and work-related problems. Therefore, it’s vital for our physical and mental health to slow down and spend some quality time in the arms of our beloved ones while playing an exciting board game. Besides, it stimulates certain parts of the brain that are not activated in everyday life, opening a whole new range of characteristics in you, including creativity, logic, and cheerfulness. Playfulness also makes you active and open-minded, enabling you to act more freely with a partner. Most games are amusing, so you both will have a good laugh and strengthen your closure. 

Board games let you explore and learn new things together. So, you not only entertain yourself but also stimulate new ways of thinking. By doing this together, you acquire precious memories, bond better, and, of course, grow. On top of that, you can’t do the same things all the time, such an approach leads nowhere. Instead, a constant challenge will keep you alert to new ideas and more attentive to the partner. 

Playing board games together can become your joint hobby and help to get to know each other better. You will be surprised by the things you have not known or noticed about your other half. This will make your relationship stronger and date nights more exciting and lively. Plus, while playing, you forget about problems and all other distractions of the real world.  If you like the idea of a game night instead of an ordinary dinner, look at the list of the best board games for couples. We guarantee you will definitely find something interesting for you and your beloved one. 

Top 5 Board Games for 2 Adults

  1. Kingsburg


In this wonderful game, you and your partner assume the role of royal governors of King’s new territories. You are given five years to lead the land to prosperity by conducting a range of successful improvements. A year consists of three producing seasons when players can roll the dice, which may be used with the purpose of asking for King’s help. Although everything is not so easy. The bottom line is that help can be granted to only one player per season. When the fourth season comes, the territory may be attacked by invaders, so you have to be prepared for that. So, players basically govern their lands, gain resources, and train their army most of the time. The one who gets more points at the end of the five-year cycle wins the game.

Build up your own strategy and try it out in practice with each new round. After a couple of times, you will understand whether this game brings the desired thrill and joy to both of you. 

  1.  Treasure Hunter


This game features one of the best and time-proved games, where your main goal is to get the biggest number of treasures. The rules are quite easy to remember, and the plot is good enough to keep you entertained within the whole game. So, there are five rounds before the winner is determined. Players need to draft some cards every round before starting an adventure. You can choose from Adventurers, Watch Dogs, Coins, or Action Cards. Each player is given their treasure once everyone made up their mind. Don’t forget to leave your watch dogs in the camp in order to protect your territory from raids. At the end of the game, all players count their coins and other goods and figure out who is the winner. If you are looking for a new card game to play with your partner, feel free to check out Treasure Hunter. We hope both of you will have a great time playing this adventurous game. 

  1. Unlock! The House on the Hill

Unlock! The House on the Hill

This is an escape adventure game, where you will need to play as a team with your partner in order to uncover the secrets of the haunted house and destroy the evil spirits. You have only one hour to find clues, combine objects, and solve puzzles with the help of a deck of 60 cards. There is also an app that you can download to your phone, which has timer installed and can provide you with hints throughout the game. It also accompanies the whole game with creepy sounds, making you completely dive into the mystery of the house on the hill. You finish the game, once you entered the correct code in the app. 

  1. Via Nebula

Via Nebula Mat!

You need to build a wonderful city of Via Nebula by harvesting resources from the game board, providing safe paths to bring them to the building sites, and erect new buildings. Each construction brings you victory points, which will be counted at the end of the game in order to define the winner. The construction site is covered with a thick mist, so players have to take care of this issue too before opening new territories. Once the fifth building is finished, players perform two final actions, and the game ends. It’s perfect entertainment for any couple or just friends, as it requires you to cooperate, negotiate, and build trust with your partner.

  1. Völuspá 

Völuspá Board game For both

This tile-laying game represents the story from the Völuspá, the oldest poem of Norse mythology, where the war between majestic gods and ancient races takes place. The special thing about this game is that the story changes each time according to the current domination in forces. There are 12 different characters from Norse mythology, which can be used in order to block, take control, or capture other tiles and earn some points. The player, who scores the biggest number of points, wins. Develop your strategic thinking and try to dominate the opponent in order to get the tempting victory. 

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