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Welcome to theboardgameslibrary.com, my friend! We are one of the most ambitious and abundant board game shops online. Our main goal is to satisfy every single client who gets to our cozy website looking for a new exciting gaming experience! Whether you are picking a game for yourself or you intend to give it as a present for your friend’s birthday, whether you are new to table gaming or you are a real geek in it, we will do our best to help you make a right choice.

We are the team of dreamers who truly believe that there are no people who don’t like board games, there are just people who haven’t found once the game which suits them personally. That’s why we did our best to put together the largest collection that is going to satisfy sophisticated tastes of adventurous tabletop veterans and would stir passion in people who just started discovering the wonderful and exciting world of board gaming.

Types of Board Games We Offer

We believe that one of the coolest things about the world of board gaming is that it‘s so big and diverse! And anyone who owns a comprehensive collection of games can pick one for a certain company and a certain occasion. As we declared above, there are no people who don’t like board games, there are people who are underinformed concerning the games they would fall in love with. Truly, the world of board games has something to offer for any mood, company, and character. There are games that are best played with 2-3 people, and there are games that deserve a big crowd. There are games that require social skills and tricky minds, and there are games that are more about analytical thinking and cold calculation. Some games will make you laugh and some will create a thrilling tension…

We’re very serious about your intention to expand your gaming collection. Or maybe you want to make a perfect present for your friend or your loved one? Or you want to experiment with a game genre and to pick something totally new? Well, we’d like to offer you a practical genre navigator that may be helpful!

Games from the Point of Relationships Between Players:

  • Competitive: The kind of games when every single player competes against all the others. Those do not assume any alliances or even pseudo alliances.
  • Cooperative: All the players have to join forces to reach the goal. The responsibilities are shared between players, which is pretty practical, because in games of this kind several players may accept several roles at a time.
  • Team Games: Players group into two or more teams that fight for the victory.

Game Genres:

  • Race games: Those are familiar to most of us from childhood. A large part of these games predominantly requires no skill at all or some minor counting, if we are dealing with strategic games of this type. The main goal is to reach the finishing point first or at least not the last. Those are perfect for a relaxed evening with friends, also great for kids and family leisure.
  • Word Games: The majority of those will make you activate your verbal skills. You will have to be inventive because many of those assume limited playing space and a limited set of letters you can use for making new words. Word games are also great for the development of verbal skills in children.
  • Abstract Strategy: This category includes such cult games like chess or Go. Mostly games of skill that require some heavy strategic thinking, math skills, and sometimes bluffing. Great for intelligent entertainment with a couple of friends and, of course, for developing your child’s cognitive skills.
  • Auction and Economy: Those games will require trading and selling skills and will work for people who like applying or developing their social skills and sometimes like to bluff.
  • Guessing Games: Predominantly games of luck but may also require some minor counting and probability skills. For instance – a cult Battleship game where you have to sink the opponent’s fleet before the opponent sank yours.
  • Fantasy-themed Games: The once that will take you to one of the known (or previously unknown) fantasy worlds. Often feature role-playing elements, combat elements and may feature cooperation modes.
  • Combat Games: Games where you have to simulate some combat situations in one way or another. In most cases, they also require strategic skills, complicated decision-making elements, and, most probably, feature dice-dependent combat episodes. Great for long and exciting game sessions with friends.
  • Role-playing Games: The great emphasis is made on the playable characters, their specific skills, exciting storyline twists, and also may require a skilled host who will lead the players through their adventure.
  • Educational Games: Suit perfectly for families and may serve as a great life inspiration for minors.
  • Games featuring unknown roles: This type requires great social skills and developed bluffing techniques. Games of this type would be great for big companies who love exciting and thrilling past-time.
  • Puzzle Games: May require some logical, abstract, and mathematical thinking. They can be played alone or with friends and are great training for your brains. Also, such games may serve as educational games for minors.
  • Eurogames: Require some abstract thinking, strategic thinking as well as developed social skills. Great for long-time and mentally-deep sessions with friends.

This list of game genres is hard to call compete. Still, it is pretty descriptive and may serve as a good roadmap for you. The games of all those genres can be found on our website. Also, many of the games may be easily attributed to several genres at a time. In any case, all the genre-related information will be specified in the game description.

Why Us?

We have gathered the most comprehensive collection of adventure games, eurogames, gamebooks, games for kids, family, adults, fast games, and slow, thoughtful and easy-going games for you in one place! We sell exact replicas of all well-known and a great number of more exclusive games online and we guarantee the highest quality of all the components whether they are made of wood, metal, plastic, or cardboard.

We are shipping all games worldwide and make all possible efforts to secure your delivery as much as to make sure that you will get your shipment on time. Every member of The Board Games Library team is an avid board gamer, and we totally share your passion for this terrific kind of entertainment. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always contact us via email, and we will gladly answer you back! Thank you for staying with The Board Games Library, and let the power be with you!

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