10 Board Games About the Real-Life Celebrities

10 Board Games About the Real-Life Celebrities

In this blog, we’ve already talked about the weirdest and simply rarest board games ever made, about old games that probably look a little weird now, as well as the most luxurious and most expensive games. And this time, we’re going to focus on games that have been dedicated to celebrities based on their lives and careers.

Of course, many of these games don’t really have much game value, contain any cool innovations, or become best-selling board games. In fact, in most cases, celebrity board games are more of an attempt to achieve commercial success through the popularity of a certain famous person. However, almost each of these games definitely looks fun from today’s perspective. Besides, it’s just weird to look at this page of board game history, isn’t it? Anyway, let’s start our list of 10 board games about real-life celebrities.

10. The Crocodile Hunter


Do you remember Steve Irwin, the Legendary Australian zoologist, crocodile expert and TV show host? Yes. His first personal television show that aired on Australian television was called “Crocodile Hunter,” and he later took that nickname for himself. The board game itself is actually intended for pre-school and elementary school-age children. It is a very simple race game where you have to jump over stumps sticking out of a pond where a crocodile lives. This game probably wouldn’t be remembered if it didn’t have Irwin’s face on the box because it’s just one of the thousands of race games for kids. However, because it has Irwin’s face on it, it becomes an honorable item on our list.

9. Mr. T: The Game


Remember the days when the A-Team was a real hit on American television? Well, even if you don’t remember it, you probably know who they are — a reckless crew of mercenaries who fight the big guys and save mistresses in trouble. In the mid-’80s, when the A-Team was broadcast, many teenagers wanted to look like the characters of the show, and the A-Team managed to amass an amazing fan base. Without a doubt, Mr. T was the most memorable member of the team, and his image became iconic in the action hero hall of fame. No wonder kids across the country were fanatical about anything related to Mr. T. This cute little racing board game featuring the iconic action hero is one of the loveliest artifacts of the ’80s.

8. Bruce Jenner Decathlon Game


Yes, even before Bruce Jenner decided to change his sex and become Caitlyn, he was already one of America’s favorites. This game is designed as a tabletop simulation of the actual decathlon and includes several mini-games that were meant to represent the various disciplines of the decathlon. Surprisingly, the Bruce Jenner Decathlon Game turned out to be a decent one, and in fact, it was highly praised by many players.

7. Trump: The Game

Let’s agree that Donald Trump wouldn’t be Donald Trump if he hadn’t released a personal version of the Monopoly game in which you have to rule the Trump empire. It’s called Trump: The Game. It looks as if you should expect some original, modern economic strategy, but really, it’s just a copy. Just like Marvel’s version of Monopoly, but you have Trump Towers instead of the Stark industry.

6. Backstreet Boys Around the World


Yeah, it is an actual game about Backstreet Boys released in 2000 to support their “Black and Blue” album. The record actually became 8-time platinum, and the career was going extremely well for the band. The game is also a simple runner where you have to get around the world before your competitors. During the game, you will need to answer some of the questions about Backstreet Boys and their songs.

5. NSYNC Backstage Pass

Do you remember a band called NSYNC? Well, the one where Justin Timberlake started his musical career. Yeah, he already had his signature noodle haircut by the time he was performing with NSYNC, and you can actually see him on the cover of the box with this magnificent hair. In all other respects, the game does not have any aesthetic or gaming value and can serve rather as a piece of fan memorabilia.

4. Vanilla Ice Electronic Rap Game


This is actually not the first time when we feature this game in one of our blogs. It has previously been mentioned in a list of old games that might look awkward today, and this game might actually make you feel that way. The game set comes with a playing field, playing cards featuring Vanilla Ice songs and lyrics, and a cheap microphone that you will use for performance. That’s it!

3. No Respect: Rodney Dangerfield’s Game

This game really has no respect for just one thing: the actual humor of Rodney Dangerfield. Although the box set contains several images of the legendary master of offense comedy, it does not live up to its intriguing title. In fact, it has only silly jokes for children that can hardly be called offensive.

2. The Exciting Game of the Kennedys


This 1962 game was released one year before the assassination of President Kennedy. It is a runner game with political and economic elements and actually can be pretty interesting to play even if we leave the historical value aside.

1. Do the Urkel!

This game pays tribute to one of the most memorable characters of the Family Matters sitcom. Back in those days, most of the shows that were run on Friday night had their games, but Do the Urkel! truly became a nation-wide family game hit. The game has several action cards with quests and features, and it is most appreciated not as a competitive game but as a game designed primarily for fans of the series.

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