Look at Our List of Best Board Games for Adults

Players hardly notice how much time has past when they play online board games on their cell phones. Also, the non-online versions are a lot of fun, make no mistake. With so many new features that characterize these board games, it’s no wonder people are losing their sense of time.

There is nothing more enjoyable than spending time with your friends and playing board games for adults. You and your besties will without a doubt have a lot of laughs while trying to beat each other, and by participating in this fun activity, it will bring you closer.

It is not easy to determine which are the best board games for oneself; there are many factors to consider, such as the number of players, the difficulty of the game, or whether or not a strategy is needed. So, to help you make the right choice, we created a list of the best board games for adults.


This game requires two teams to play against each other. There are two spymasters who have all the players’ names. Every teammate has a codename, and they use them instead of their real ones. The purpose of this board game is to see who will be the first player to make contact with all their agents.

Spymasters provide a clue, which is always one word, which can be related to the other words on the board. People in their team need to try to guess the right color and avoid the words that are for the opponent’s team. Everyone’s aiming not to encounter the assassin.

Players choose to play this one:

  • Because it allows many people to take part in
  • Due to its simplicity and the fact that this is a fast-paced game

Star Wars: Rebellion

It might take a while to get acquainted with the rules of this one, but we are sure that you will like it a lot.

In the gameplay of Star Wars Rebellion, players can either command troops led by Luke and Leia with the goal of encouraging others to join the rebellion, or you can steer the Galactic Empire and send out spaceships to locate the rebellion’s camp — the choice is yours.

Not so many games can last as long as this board game. Interestingly, it can be prolonged to even five hours. The fans of Jedi’s will in no doubt say that this is the best board game. Moreover, the other players who are not die-hard fans appear to like it, having in mind that this game won a lot of awards.

Why have players chosen to play this one:

  • Because it has a unique theme
  • There are numerous of caricatures


There are various adaptations of this game, and we can say that it is a classic. The main goal is to be the strongest and to build roads, cities, and colonies. When you throw the dice, you determine the resource that you’ll get. Resources are in the form of cards, and they represent brick, wood, sheep, grain, or stone. By constructing civilizations, you will be getting points, and once you obtain ten victory points, you have won.

The game’s setup consists of big hexagonal tiles; each represents a resource or the desert, which are circled with water tiles. Each player starts with two settlements (houses) and roads (sticks), and those things are laid at crossings and borders of the resource tiles.

Turns are composed of several options to choose from. Namely, players can play a development card, throw the dice, and all players collect resource cards according to the position of their houses. In case the dice showed number 7, the active player steals resources from other players who have built constructions next to that tile.

This game has won many awards as well, which is not so surprising when you take into consideration the gameplay.

This board game for adults provides:

  • Cards with awesome graphics
  • Fun gameplay


It is a game for two players, and the goal is to eliminate your opponent from the board. You can play this game the old fashioned way, but of course, there is an online version as well. You must use your mouse to move pieces in the desired direction. It is essential to know that they can only go forth one tile.

In order to eliminate the opponent’s piece, you need to “jump” over it.

If it happens that your piece ends up on the opposite side of the board, it will become a King. This piece can move and jump diagonally in any direction, unlike regular pieces that can only move forward. What’s more, they can jump forward and backward in the same turn.

The game is won when you remove all your opponent’s pieces. Also, you win if the opposing player cannot make a move against you.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

The players must keep all the information to themselves. The setup of the game consists of getting a role from a group of villagers. The main point of the game is that someone can be a monster — a werewolf — who is eager to kill as many people as possible. If it happens that you got the role of a wolf, you must be sneaky, so other players cannot figure out the truth.

Sometimes, there is a possibility that no player is a monster.

This game has won many awards. It is not a surprise because it is amusing as hell.

Players like to play this game because:

  • Deceiving friends can be fun
  • It is a quick and fun game
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