Our List of Best Online Board Games

There are plenty of occasions where board games are the right choice if you want to have fun with your friends. In recent years, online board games have become more popular than ever. There are so many versions of board games, we are sure that you won’t have a problem finding at least one you can play with your friends.

You can choose the right game by having in mind several criteria. Namely, there are games that only two players can play; contrary to that, there are games that are good in case you’re throwing a party. Also, there are games that require a certain strategy if you plan to beat your co-players.

In the text below, we made a list of the best board games, so let’s get to them.


In the gameplay of Splendor, players use chips and cards. Unlike other games, this one will teach you a bit about history. Namely, players are merchants in the Renaissance period and are trying to purchase various things such as gem mines, transportation options, and even shops — with the goal of collecting as many points as they can.

In each turn, you have three options to choose from:

  • Collect a chip
  • Purchase and build a card
  • Store a card

In case you opt for collecting chips, you must take three different chips or two chips of the same type. The second option is when you buy a card; in that situation, you are required to pay in chips. Lastly, if you store a card for later, you are saving it for later development.

Why this is the favorite board game online:

  • Rules are easy to understand
  • There are true facts about the Renaissance period

Galaxy Trucker

This space-related game consists of two stages: building a spacecraft and flying through the universe. The main purpose is to have the most credits at the end of the game. Players can obtain those credits by battling space pirates, delivering goods, or making the best ship there is.

Essentially, players build their ships with tiles which are placed on the table. Those tiles are not known to players until they draw them. Players need to keep the chosen tiles in their ships and put engines and weapons in the right spot.

In case you are curious about what your next card will be, you can take a peek, but in return, you lose a chance to build your ship. The majority of cards will send you back on the track in space, and you need to consider if waiting is a good option for you. Once all cards are known, you can sell stuff you don’t need, and lastly, collect prizes.

This game is best for:

  • Players who like devising a strategy
  • The fans of space-themed games


There are many versions of this game that you can play online. By using tiles, players build medieval castles, streets, and abbeys in order to collect points. This board game transferred all their features into an online version.

It is easy to play, and there are multiple ways to ensure a victory. What’s unique about this online board game is that Android users can play a 3D version with great features and graphics.

This game is for:

  • Medieval times lovers
  • Players who are good at cooking up strategies

Exploding Kittens

This is a game with short gameplay. It’s fun to play it because there’s no strategy involved, and you don’t need to have any skill if you want to try it. With the online version come some new powers that don’t exist in the non-online version.

Exploding Kittens Game Cards

There’s no doubt that you will be laughing out loud if you participate.

Interesting things about this game:

  • Quite a fun game if you are hanging out with friends

Colt Express

You start playing this game as a bandit, and your goal is to rob people on the train, but the thing is you will not be the only bandit there. Namely, if you want to win, you must become the wealthiest robber.

The gameplay includes five rounds, and every round has two stages. So in the first one, players need to place 2–5 cards on a pile in the middle, and having in mind which round it is, they can place them so that everyone can see your cards, or they can place them so that nobody can see them. And if players don’t want to play a card, they can draw three additional cards.

In the second stage, the action cards are executed in the order in which they were played.


In Pandemic, players are specialists who fight against viral diseases. Their mission is to find the core of illnesses and think of a cure for each one they stumble on.

In each round, players can use cards if they want to travel between cities, help infected people, figure out cures, or construct a health center.

While devising a strategy, you need to consider specialists skills needed in order to beat the viruses. Scientists need only four cards in order to wipe the disease from the face of the world. The game is lost if diseases spread beyond the point where players can neutralize them.

Why people prefer to play this game:

  • Because it supports team play
  • Due to the tension that arises while playing it
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