Bull’s Eye for Amusement — One Night Ultimate Werewolf Review

Are you throwing a big party and trying to find an exciting multiplayer game? This game will definitely suit your preferences. Check out this One Night Werewolf review to learn more!

If you have heard of the game “Mafia,” well, this one is a lot similar to that one. It has fast gameplay, many roles, and winning depends on your ability to figure out who is lying and which player doesn’t have it in them to bluff.

Once you comprehend One Night Ultimate Werewolf rules, which will take a couple of minutes and perhaps one or two rounds, you all are set to start playing.

It is up to you to determine the number of players that can play in one round. If there are six participants in the game, teammates will have enough time to discuss who is who. However, even more than six people can participate; it will be fun either way, but you might have less time to ponder upon who is the werewolf.

Players 3-10
Age 8+
Duration 10-15 minutes
Difficulty Easy

Game Description

Before the game commences, players need to choose which roles are in circulation — one role for each player and three extra ones, two of which are werewolf roles. Cards with pictures of roles need to be mixed, and every player receives only one card. The table needs to have three cards at the center laid down so that nobody can see what is on them.

Once all participants have a look at their cards, the night phase can commence. It is essential to know that bluffing is a big part of this game. The player with the best bluffing skills will be more successful.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Roles:

  • Doppelganger — has the ability to become another card. Namely, when everyone’s eyes are closed (during the night phase), this role can pick the card of another player. That includes the 2nd Seer and 3rd Werewolf. After that, they will no longer be the Doppelganger; they’ll become the character they chose!
  • Werewolf — when the announcer calls out werewolves, they open their eyes to see who else is on the Werewolf team. The other players’ eyes will be closed.
  • Lone Wolf — this option is used when there is only one wolf.
  • Minions — in the werewolves’ team, and they can see who they are, but wolves cannot know who minions are. If killed by the Villagers as the discussion ends, the Werewolves will win.
  • Masons — There are two masons in the game, and the only thing about them is that they have each other.
  • Seer — players with this card can opt to see two centered cards or one of another player.
  • The Robber — if you get this card, you can replace your card with another players’ card; note that you cannot see the card before you choose. The character you pick will then take on the Robber role.
  • Troublemaker — they change the roles of two other players (excluding themselves).
  • Drunk — if you happen to get this card, you pick one of the cards from the table without looking and replace it with your own.
  • Insomniac — this card is used when there is a Robber or a Troublemaker.

You need to have three extra cards than there are players.

What’s in the Box

This game doesn’t contain complicated rules and extraneous components. Here’s what’s in the box:

  • The cards.
  • Character tokens (you use them while the discussion is in progress to temporarily mark the roles).
  • The rulebook.

Aside from that, you may also download a free iOS/Android app. It will navigate you through the gameplay.


There are two teams — Villagers and Werewolves. In the night phase, everyone closes their eyes while the announcer is talking and leading everyone. The first ones to open their eyes are the werewolves, and in the case that there is only one werewolf, that player can look at the cards on the table to see if someone else will be in their werewolf pack.

The announcer will call out roles in order in which they need to open their eyes. And after everyone has done their tasks, all participants open their eyes and talk about what happened.

Board Game One Night Ultimate Werewolf

When the night phase is over, everyone has 10 minutes to figure out the roles of others. For instance, the ones who are villagers, they should aim to kill at least one werewolf if they want to win. Once the time is up and players have talked about whom they want to kill, they need to point fingers at their victims.

If it happens that a werewolf is killed, villagers win. And if a villager is killed and the werewolf survives, everyone loses. There are a number of combinations players can use to influence the outcome of the game.

Those who got the cards of the Trickster, the Seer, the Doppelganger, the Drunk, or the Robber sometimes don’t know whether they have the same role they had and if opponents know which one they got. On top of that, there are three cards at the table that can twist the outcome.

It is undoubtedly fun to try to figure out what other players are in the game. The gameplay lasts for 10 minutes or so, meaning that, if you make a mistake, there is always time for another try.


  • Swift and engaging gameplay
  • Requires puzzling out the roles of other players


  • Players need time to comprehend all the One Night Ultimate Werewolf rules.
  • Certain roles are not as appealing as others


We must say that One Night Ultimate Werewolf cards are so beautifully designed and that each character is unique.

You will have a lot of fun taking part in One Night Ultimate board game, but if it is your first time playing it, you might have difficulties with understanding what your role does or when you should do something (after the night phase, newbies forget that they should pick out a person for whom they believe is a werewolf). But practice makes perfect — after a round or two, you will start getting the hang of the game, don’t you worry.

This game has quick gameplay, it is fun when you get acquainted with the rules, and not to mention bluffing, which can be hilarious if you play with people who you know. If you throw a big party, suggest this game to everyone and your night will be even more memorable.

There is another version — One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Daybreak. So if you had fun playing the One Night Ultimate Werewolf board game we talked about in this One Night Werewolf review, you will certainly like the other adaptation as well.

Top Questions About One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Here are the top questions players have regarding this game:

Yes, it’s possible to have a tie in votes in this game. If this happens, you’ll need to see if one of the Werewolves is dead. If it is — the Village team is a winner.

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The Masons are in the Village team. They get similar options as the Werewolves actually. When the app instructs them to open their eyes, they can see who the other Mason is, meaning they have at least one person they can trust when the discussion comes.

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Ultimate Werewolf can be played with three to ten players. The cards are added depending on the number of players. If there are ten of you, all the cards should be included. And if not, then you should remove some of them, but the most important thing is that a Werewolf card must always be included in the game.

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When the night ends and the time comes for a discussion during the day, you should discuss who the Werewolves are. So whoever you believe it is — say it. After that, the voting happens, and whoever gets more votes must show their card. If your guess turns out to be correct and the players are indeed werewolves, you win!

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