Best New Board Games to Try This Year

There are so many new titles of board games that you can choose from. It all depends on your preferences and whether you enjoy playing co-op games, games where you need a solid strategy, or games that could be played if you had a big party with many guests.

We’ve made a list of the best board games that you can play in 2019.

Betrayal at House on the Hill

This game is one of the best co-op games in 2019 in our opinion. In case you don’t want to play with your family members, maybe you can try playing alongside them. Betrayal at House on the Hill has a gothic theme, and the focus is on team play.

While playing this game, you’ll have the opportunity to go through an eerie old house, and as you play, you’ll be activating more scenarios to play in.

Even though all players start with the same mission, during the gameplay, things may shift a bit.

Be sure that you can’t trust everybody, and also, you might need some time to get familiar with the rules.

Players 3–6
Duration 1 hour
Age 12+
Difficulty Easy

Reasons why people like this game are:

  • Because it is the best co-op game
  • It takes not more than an hour to finish the game

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

What can we say about this game except that it is awesome? The main thing about this game is that players have information that nobody else is allowed to see. At the beginning of the game, you get a role from a group of villagers. Also, you can be a werewolf that wants to kill innocents. Namely, during the night, in case you are a wolf, you need to be stealthy while other players try to discover who is the wolf.

It can also happen that no one is a monster during the game.

Players 3–10
Duration 10 minutes
Age 8+
Difficulty Medium

It is great for partiesPlayers like to play this game because:

  • Players need to lie in order to save themselves

New Frontiers

The main objective of this game is to develop technologies and take over other planets. The gameplay carries on until one or more of four game-ending requirements are achieved. Afterward, when all actions from that round have been executed, the player with the biggest number of points and developments wins.

New Frontiers game

There is one similarity with the game Puerto Rico, and that is the action selection phase. To be specific, the active player chooses an action that all players should do in turn.

Players 2–5
Duration 45–75 minutes
Age 14+
Difficulty Medium

The following things are the reason why people like playing this game:

  • They can use tactics
  • It looks beautiful and resembles the game of Puerto Rico


When you start playing this new board game, you enter the mind of Dr. Martin Strobal, who is in a coma. He created the Mobius ring that is supposed to give unlimited energy to people, but it spreads radiation instead. Dr. Strobal is the only one who can make things right again, while the comanauts must go through his complex mind to retrieve his consciousness.

So, basically, players need to go through eleven “Comazones,” in order to find a Demon who wants to stop Dr. Strobal from waking up from a coma.

Players 2–4
Duration 60–120 minutes
Age 14+
Difficulty Medium

People like playing this game because:

  • There are multiple pages for players to delve in
  • The theme is exciting


Interestingly, this is the best board game if you are a bird lover. In this game, every single player can lure a number of different birds to their bird cage. Having various types of birds will let you do different actions and effects with the purpose of creating combos.

When you feed the birds that you collected, miniature eggs can be obtained in return.

Players 1–4
Duration 40–70 minutes
Age 10+
Difficulty Medium

Players like to play this game because they are attracted by:

  • Innovative theme
  • Breath-taking artwork

That’s Pretty Clever

This game became popular because, in this game, paper boards are used as well as dice, which is the central mechanism in this new board game. Players roll the dice, and then they need to decide which ones they want to write in the score sheet. By filling out your sheet, players are able to activate abilities and construct combos in order to gain major points.

The thing with this one is to play as good as you can in order to beat your scores.

Players 1–4
Duration 40–70 minutes
Age 10+
Difficulty Medium

The things that attract players to play this board game:

  • It is not the usual type of board game
  • There are solo and group-playing options

Helios Expanse

As you can imagine, this game is about space exploration and conquest. While playing this one-hour game, going through space, collecting resources, colonizing, and combats are the things that characterize this game.

Essentially, Helios Expanse is an interactive game that is easy to learn, with the possibility to devise a tactic with careful decision making. It offers 4x play experience in under sixty minutes.

Players 3–5
Duration 1 hour
Age 10+
Difficulty Easy

Why people like it:

  • It is the most innovative one when it comes to space board games


This card game is centered around the fictional world of Etherium, which was once a peaceful place. Every player is a spellcaster and fights with the goal to control the area with resources that humanity needs — the Godsforge.

In Godsforge, players attack the ones on their left and defend themselves from the players on their right. All players roll four dice at the same time, and then every single player places down one of four cards in front of them. This must be done in a way that other players cannot see what card you have. After that, players show their cards and pay the price when a certain number is shown on the dice.

Cards provide Spells or Creations that can do damage, give protection, or have some other effects.

When one of the players is defeated, the rest of the players receive damage every round until there is only one that can claim Etherium.

Players 2–4
Duration 20–40 minutes
Age 14+
Difficulty Medium
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